STEP 1: Select Vehicles to Compare
STEP 2: Select an Electric Rate Plan
Your electric rate will be determined by the maximum capacity of the charging equipment you install. You will likely be able to design a far more efficient charging plan that optimizes your energy costs by staggering vehicle charging times and using lower power charging equipment over a longer duration, rather than selecting the most powerful equipment that charges faster.
STEP 3: Configure Charging Equipment and Schedule
Use the tools below to optimize charging costs based on rate schedules, charging equipment and vehicle availability requirements. This tool assumes your charging infrastructure will be separately metered. Results may vary substantially if you have additional facilities load on a shared meter.

EV Annual Cost
_ /year
Gas/Diesel Annual Cost
_ /year
Annual Savings
_ /year
Calculation Details
_ Reduction
Total kWh _ kWh
Max Demand _ kW

*Disclaimer: This tool was created by a third party and is being provided to Delmarva’s customers for the customers’ convenience. It is intended only to provide an estimate of potential savings. Actual results will vary. Customers may not realize similar energy savings or carbon emission reductions. Additionally, this data may not take into account battery usage for ancillary equipment, including without limitation, items such as refuse truck “lifts” or boom/crane operation. Weather, terrain, vehicle load, usage patterns and driving styles will have a significant impact on performance and range.

Vehicle data is subject to change without notice. Calculations use an estimated electricity rate and may not reflect Delmarva’s actual rates, fees and charges. Rates change periodically. Delmarva does not warrant or represent that this data is accurate. In no event shall Delmarva or its affiliates or their respective officers, employees, agents, consultants, representatives or suppliers be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to claims associated with the accuracy of this data or information.

Carbon emission information for fossil fuel vehicles is only an estimate. Actual emissions will vary widely based on a variety of factors, such as weather, terrain, vehicle load, usage patterns and driving styles. Neither Delmarva nor its affiliates or their respective officers, employees, agents, consultants or representatives warrant or represent that this data is accurate. This information is intended to provide savings and efficiency concepts and principles to consider when evaluating transportation options. Do not use these tools to make final business decisions. A professional engineer or fleet consultant should be engaged to help you make business and purchase decisions.